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Hi, I’m Jafu and This is My First Blog Post.

Bella’s Story.

This may (or may not) be the first you’ve heard from me.

My name is Jafu and I’m the official spokesperson for Kwakol; so yes, I AM the one sending those emails. I decided to take our conversations a bit further by officially starting a blog.

I want my blog as interactive as possible, so we’d be taking a “Dear Jafu” approach. You can share YOUR stories with me at hello@kwakol.com, and I’ll share them (with as much anonymity as you desire), leaving my two cents afterwards.

Today, I’ll be sharing Bella’s story.

Bella recently subscribed to one of the Kwakol Funds’ PAMM Investment Packages and is excited to see what her account balance will look like at the end of the month. Let’s see how Bella got to making this decision.

Dear Jafu,

I recently subscribed to one of the Kwakol Funds’ PAMM investment packages. After stumbling on Kwakol’s Instagram AD about how Fadekemi made 13.37% more on her investment, I did some maths -

Based on my calculations, I chose to begin with Levadura because it had the highest difference between expected and actual returns (AVG+), and it seemed like a reasonable amount to risk for my first investment.

Immediately I signed up, I was assigned an Account Manager who called to ask me about my financial goals, and explained how Kwakol can help me achieve them. She broke down the benefits of investing with Kwakol Funds, and I must say that I was truly impressed.

She explained that Kwakol Funds is a transparent and capital-preservative investment option that allows you to have access to your funds at any time. Basically, it’s like saving money in a bank but at the end of the month, your money increases rather than decreases (you know, because of all those bank charges).

More interestingly, she added that I could monitor what’s being done with my money, on some platform called ‘MT4’ (I’ll need to read up on that), and raise an alarm if I’m uncomfortable with a transaction. This was one of my favourite features because I’d never seen an investment platform that offered this.

It gets better!

My investment, although deposited in Naira, is actually transacted in Dollars. In this Nigerian economy, that means I now have a decent tool for financial security. I’m optimistic for this new journey, and look forward to my account balance at the end of the first month.

Yours truly,


Dear Bella,

Thanks for sharing your first investment story with me. I just might be as excited as you are! Choosing to make a Dollar-based investment in the current Nigerian economic climate is truly commendable. Such an investment is definitely one of the best ways to attain financial security, and I am proud of you for taking a risk with Kwakol Funds.

What’s really impressive about your story is your pragmatism and attention to detail. Not many people would have broken down the numbers to inform their decision-making process, but you did. Very well done, Bella! Levadura definitely has its perks, as do Marigold and Jūnzi.

The returns, for instance, are much higher for Marigold and Jūnzi than Levadura; and the commission rates much lower for the former two than they are for the latter. So, in the long run, there’s a difference in the real value for each investment option.

Yet, that’s the best thing about investing with Kwakol. They meet you where YOU are, and help take you where you want to be. That’s why your Account Manager reached out to have a conversation unique to YOU and YOUR financial goals.

So, while I admire your practicable approach to making your first investment with Kwakol Funds, I also look forward to seeing you explore the other investment options that Kwakol offers; all this, in YOUR own time, of course.

With love,

Jafu from Kwakol. 💚



Jafu from Kwakol 💚

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